Mister Rogers Neighborhood serigraph by Hank Grebe, 1982
Teerak Series of Prints

Terak Serigraph Series

Mandala-like serigraphs (silkscreen prints) made with the assistance of graphics software run on a Terak computer.

Bits and Dots Series of Prints

Bits and Dots Serigraph Series

Hand stenciled color field serigraphs influenced by Albers, Vasarely and the repetitive nature of computers.

Beach Stones Oil Paintings by Hank Grebe

Beach Stones Series

The random beauty of North Shore Long Island's beach stones. Oil paintings by Hank Grebe.

Cave Paintings Series

Cave Paintings Series

Oil paintings on rough textured base on canvas based upon cave paintings discovered in Chauvet and Lascaux.

Surrealists Convention 3

Surrealism and Wild Things

Coming soon.

North Shore Silkscreen Series

North Shore Silkscreen Series

Silkscreen prints from my photographs of scenery around Setauket and Port Jefferson, Long Island, NY

Personal Connections Collage Series

Personal Connections Collage Series

Collages composed of personal ads from the early 90's, well before the popularity of Internet dating.