Smart Glasses in the Field

All too often I’ve read electronic gadget reviews panning smart glasses as looking too dorky, too geeky to catch on with consumers.  Well hold on there!  You’re confining your reviews to consumer electronics customers and ignoring the many workplace applications.  Take a look at this video and tell me these roughnecks give a flip about appearing dorky.

The recent film based on the book “The Martian” is filled with this kind of field reconnaissance audio and video.  These are impressive tools, and their development won’t end because they don’t look cool in a shopping mall, health club or sports bar.  They won’t even be allowed there!

In this Wired article about Zeiss getting their glasses right, we see another example of over concern for fashion.  So you wanna wear your smart glasses while doing air travel?  Or sneak them into a casino so a friend can coach you at the poker table?  Fuggeddaboudit!

I see these gadgets being much more useful for working situations with a field technician wearing the glasses and a home base office operations person assisting and analyzing data.  These devices will be best employed in collaborative situations, such as a look out scout reporting back to the team back at the base.